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Casemaker Fd 821

Quickset top printing machine

  • Top printing machine with order change with machine in production
  • Full servo driven (one motor every axis) via Bosch Rexroth Indramat motors
  • Modular design scalable in the machine lifetime
  • Lead edge no crush feeder with wheels
  • Side squares automatic positioned
  • The left with oscillating side jogger
  • Feeding gates with automatic positioning and caliper
  • Backstop with driven horizontal and vertical movement
  • Dust cleaning after feeding with antistatic bars and rotating brush plus suction
  • The line can be opened for maintenence and cleaning
  • Printing plate change with machine in operation through lifting of the unit and operator access without opening the modules
  • Any number of print unit is possible
  • Future upgrades are quicky made thanks to the modular concept
  • Printing strech facility is std in all units
  • High graphic capability
  • Dryers ready
  • Each colour has its own independent timing belts board transport
  • It is therefore easy to add further modules in a second time or access the inner part of the line for maintenence
  • Automatic ink circuit washing with automatic solvent mixing
  • Automatic washbucket preparation
  • Double shaft
  • Pre creasing
  • Creasing
  • Servo driven
  • Top die cutting and bottom die cutting are both available
  • Top die cutting allows die set while run
  • Bottom die cutting allows the production of full die cutted boxes but need the line stop for the die change
  • Servo driven
  • Suction transport
  • Final driven squaring unit
  • Optional quality control camera
  • Allways making the shortest stroke for the choosen batch count
  • Keeping a Fix bundle ejection height to the bundler
  • Self adjusting top blowers on the box edges
  • 25 batches/minute

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