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Casemaker HGL 924

Feeding unit

  • New EDF Europe SWING No crush feeder
  • Can feed full speed any board grade with no need of feeding rolls
  • Full servo
  • Board dust cleaning before printing units
  • Easy opening for maintenance

Printing unit

  • Bottom print
  • Fixed unit
  • Suction board transport with air loop system
    • Less dust
    • Better ink stability
  • Full servo (one motor every shaft)
  • Smart ink flushing
  • Smart washing cycles
  • Quick Anilox change

Slotter/Creaser unit

  • Unit installed on wheels for easy access during maintenance.
  • Dual shaft
  • Full servo
  • Full auto

Die-Cutting unit

  • Easy accessible die change from the floor with no need of modules opening thanks to a dedicated liftable transfer unit
  • Unit installed on wheels for easy access during maintenance
  • Air suction board transport
  • Full servo
  • Rapid die fixing with Serrapid (Option)
  • Anvil cylinder with rings of polyurethane with continuous mechanical cycles axial shifting
  • Die cutter and slotter dust collection
  • Anvil micro-grinding system managed by servomotor and inverter
  • Integrated front trim ejection belt

Folder unit

  • Suction board transport
  • No crush, the caliper of all sandwiches is adjusted according to the board thickness
  • Automatic correction of internal folding blades position in relation to the thickness of the processed cardboard
  • Servo synch of all the transport belts
  • Final quality control area with space for fitting camera controls
  • Side squaring belt unit, adjustable through motorised control
  • Single or double electronic gluing device

Counter ejector

  • Counter ejector unit with stacking from above with front jogging
  • No stop forks controlled by servomotor
  • Production capacity up to 25 batches per minute
  • Integrated batches ejection belt can be accessible under safe conditions for quality control
  • Easy connection with bundling systems

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