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Cs 3005 F

The corrugated cardboard Prefeeder CS 3005 F  is an excellent compromise between the automatic feeding, usage simplicity and budget.

The Prefeeder CS 3005 F is particularly suitable for feeding automatic Flat bed die cutter machineswhere it is necessary a good accessibility of the stack by the operator in order to take out the waste and operate on the corrugated cardboard sheets.

The Prefeeder CS 3005 F can operate completely in automatic. Only the removal of the last sheet under the stack has to be done manually.

The Prefeeder high CS 3005 F does not require peculiar format adjustments and it is particularly suitable for short runs.

The machine CS 3005 F is fixed to the floor and has a telescopic belts deck to adjust the feeding position to the board length..

The Prefeeder for flat bed die cutter CS 3005 F feeds the production machine with  shingled board  where the shingling overlap is adjustable. Also the belt deck is adjustable in height.

Data sheet

Carboard TypeE | B | C | A | AB
Product Width400 – 2100 mm
Product Length400 – 1300 mm
Stack Entry Height200 – 1800 mm
Machine Weight5000 Kg
Electrical Data400 V | 25 A | 15 Kw
Air Data6 Bar | 120 NL/Min

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