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Plotter Kongsberg XN24 ref 2745EU

Plotter Kongsberg XN24 ref 2745EU

Plotter Kongsberg XN24 ref 2745EU

Year – 2016

Table size – 1680 x 3200 mm

Corrugated cardboard – cutting and creasing

Solid cardboard – cutting and creasing

Reboard up to 18mm

Honeycombs up to 18mm

Polypropylene cardboard

PVC foamed up to 3 mm

Foams up to 18 mm

Polycarbonate up to 1 mm


ArtiosCAD Advantage software


Production package:

i-cut Production software

Q-Vac vacuum system

4 vacuum zones

Rotary workstation

PVC mat

PC station



3 creasing wheels with a diameter of 150 mm in the shape of the letter U, and 4 and 6 points, for accurate creasing of corrugated cardboard with higher grammages – EB, BC


Tool for processing corrugated cardboard

Multi-Purpose HiFrequency Knife with a set of blades

Creasing handle for corrugated cardboard, with creasing wheels with a diameter of 26 mm: 4.6 and 10 points.

Adapter for creasing wheels for corrugated cardboard 26 mm.

26 mm crimping wheel for Crush corrugated cardboard

Crimping wheel 26 mm 2 points


Tool for processing solid materials

Static knife for solid cardboard

Rigid knife with a set of blades:


Vacuum pump 7.5 kW

Silencer for the vacuum pump







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